Are pearly penile papules common and do other men want to get rid of them too?

Pearly penile papules occur in 10-20% of men Most of us want to get rid of them. The problem is embarrassing, we don’t really know where to go. One needs a lot of determination to sit in a queue to a dermatologist, then expose oneself to him or her, and then usually hear: “Why are you even here, these are normal changes.” We don’t talk to friends about this topic. It’s difficult to ask a friend to show his genitals and then check if he has such papules too. We try to hide imperfections from our partners and this is rarely a topic of conversation. One of the most common reasons for removing pearly penile papules is to improve the appearance of a penis, especially during erections. The papules are perceived as unaesthetic growths that may indicate infection. The presence of papules on the corona of glans penis can also act as a deterrent to oral sex.

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